With Christmas 9 days away, I wanted to share my gift guide that is all about spreading love, wellness and good vibes! I am such a sucker for sentimental gifts with meanings and I love this round up of non traditional gifts! Here are my favorite holiday picks for that special family member, friend and that favorite couple of yours!

1. FOR THE BEAUTIFUL BUSY-BEE ON THE GO I am always on the go! Between work and travel, it's often times difficult to cook for myself. Meal planning is a great way to get a ahead of your weekly commitments; however, when you want a healthy meal, but don't want to think about the extensive prep that may be required, SAKARA is a wonderful organic, plant-based food program to fulfill your needs. They deliver right to your door step and every meal is nutritionally designed with all of the best and freshest ingredients. They have a 3-5 day subscription that you can order as a perfect gift.. and they deliver all across the continental United States. They also have other products I love, i.e. their Beauty Water and their gorgeous Beauty Water Cocktail Collection! Every girl loves to relax and take time for herself on the weekends, and these are perfect!

2. FOR THAT SPECIAL COUPLE Kris and I love a good date! We are foodies, we love us some cocktails and we love new adventures in the cities we travel to. It's our favorite when someone gets us a gift certificate to our favorite food spot or a new restaurant we've never been to. It's a way for us to spend quality time with each other and enjoy good food and drinks. This gift is perfect for that food loving couple of yours!

3. FOR THE WELLNESS JUNKIE I adore LEAF TV! Not only have I partnered with them on floral videos (you can check them out here), but they are also on the front lines of the wellness crusade sweeping across our nation. They recently launched The Year of Wellness, which is a monthly subscription to the best wellness products on the market, along with health guidelines and tips to follow on the daily. This is the perfect gift for your friend or family member who cares about her health and loves trying new products. Personally, for me this a great way to try out new curated products without having to do a ton of research. You are almost guaranteed to get the best goodies in each box. f you order by EOD December 16,2016 you can receive the gift just in time for Christmas!

4. FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL Hand written letters, DIY gifts and fresh flowers go a long way. During the holidays, we are given the chance to spend time with family we haven't seen in a long time and there is nothing more touching than receiving a beautiful heart felt letter with a simple and sentimental gift. The perfect trio would be a beautiful small vase, fresh flowers and a letter telling them how much they mean to you.

Hope you feel inspired by these ideas! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!