Courtesy of  One Kings Lane

Courtesy of One Kings Lane

Alison Cayne, Founder of Haven's Kitchen is the ultimate bad ass! #MOMGOALS.

This morning I was swooning over her West Village townhouse... but before we get to that, I wanted to share a little bit about her story. Trust me, you want to hear it!

In 2012, she opened up her cooking school Haven's Kitchen, which also serves as a café and private event space in NY's Union Square. She serves as a representative on the boards of Edible Schoolyard NYC and the Food and Environments Reporting Network. She wrote The Haven's Kitchen Cookbook, has given multiple lectures and speeches on health and nutrition. Furthermore, and most notably, she is the mother of FIVE and their pup! For anyone who was raised in a household of 4 or more kids like myself, (with multiple dogs) - you know it is no easy feat on the mother. 

Truth be told, I can barely take care of myself,  especially recently relocating to New York. I oftentimes find it difficult to navigate work, and family all while getting shit done on the day to day; needless to say, I am sure that will come with time, as I learn quickly how to maneuver through all the hustlers in the Big Apple!

Back to Alison. I've seen her home many times before on my Pinterest journeys down the rabbit hole, but boy am I happy I stopped to read about the woman behind it all. For not being an interior designer, and not working with one, she did quite an amazing job on her home. 

“There’s this idea that only these specially trained people can design and decorate a home in this proper way. But actually I think decorating is a lot like cooking—you just have to learn what you really like and how to get that effect.”

As a designer, I thought I may have hesitation with promoting this way of thinking as it might put me out of business lol! Because frankly, if everyone ran around thinking they could transform their homes without a person like me, I would be looking for work as opposed to writing this post. But with that said, I honestly couldn't agree more with her and respectively, I actually feel the same way about cooking. By no means am I a "chef"; however, I know what tastes good. I don't hate any specific foods, so for lack of better words, my palette is extremely wide and forever growing.  Little by little, I find myself learning and training my cooking styles in the pursuit of great cuisine. Who knows! Maybe one day, I'll have a West Village Townhouse equivalent to hers, all because of art directing and writing a stunning cook book! .... Universe! Did you hear that! 

Now excuse me while I go work on my new master plan on how to conquer the world, run a business, remodel a bad ass New York home, all while simultaneously working on a family of 5 (& raising our dog Duke!)... and somehow, find time to cook dinner every night by 6:30 pm!

You can read more about Alison over on One Kings Lane, and of course you can shop some of my favorite pieces on how to get the look below! What an inspiring home. Enjoy!