Berries & Basil OH MY! Basil is a constant staple in our household. If there is one plant we can actually keep a live, it's a good ol' basil plant. They are easy to maintain and we find ourselves using more basil than you would think on a daily basis. It is the perfect garnish to our tonic cocktails and always adds extra aroma and flare to our salads. 

Last week we wanted to prepare a summer tart for a dinner gathering we were going to. There weren't a ton of berry & basil paired recipes, however, the ones we found look so incredibly delicious. 

Here are some of the yummiest looking dishes we found! Hopefully they inspire you to make magic in the kitchen with this B&B combo. Enjoy! 

1. Dark Berry Tart With Basil

2. Vegan Blackberry Basil And Ricotta Pressed Sandwich

3. Blackberry Basil Whiskey Smash

4. Olive Oil, Almond Bundt Cake With Berries & Basil Sugar

5. Blackberry Ricotta Pizza With Basil

6. Blackberry Basil Shrub Kombucha Cocktail