Designs by Alexander Design | Captured by Tessa Neustadt

Vanessa is a woman of my own heart. I see her work and I want more! She started out in the entertainment industry, and for anyone who is currently in the industry, or has a loved one in the industry, I am sure you understand how the demanding schedules can takeover ones life. I love her story on her bio about how her firm came to fruition.  She mentions that she "elected to redesign her life, focusing on a new family and the design and building of unique and personal spaces for her clients." And that she does..  Everything is so magnificently effortless, simple, yet has a feeling of wanderlust. I swoon over all of her designs... from her very own home to the Malibu farms. The layering and textures she infuses into her work shines through like a star.

You can follow her journey and beautiful aesthetic over on Instagram here.