Sharing 12 secrets to styling your home from the inside-out over on Style Me Pretty! When you have to design and style homes for television in unimaginable time frames, you become pretty savvy to the tips and tricks for pulling off the "impossible" during the process. I feel everyone has it in them to know what they want; while some seek professional help from designers, some homeowners are really interested in designing on their love for the DIY process.

Below are my go to words of advice. Head on over to the SMP feature to hear so much more!

1. Pulling inspiration & the design journey.

2. Design with the seasons.

2. When considering the interior of your home, start with what you have.

4. For new home buyers or re-modelers, get some paint up on those walls!

5. Ship lap walls came and went.... and now they are back!

6. Incorporating beauty and wellness into your home with just one purchase!

7. Whimsical and bright artwork will bring a lot of character to any space.

8. Set out to make a collage with unexpected, inexpensive items.

9. Get romantic and bold with wallpaper!

10. When it comes to curb appeal - paint, landscaping and patio furniture will never let you down.

11. Use twinkle lights whenever possible.

12. Built in seating is your friend.