Currently: My Favorite Whole-Food Bars

Loving this collection of Empowerment Bars from Sakara! I recently put together a gift basket for all of the lovely bridesmaids on my Bachelorette partyand these bars were something I included in them. They are from one of my favorite clean food delivery programs, Sakara,and the flavors are incredible. The ingredients in the bars are super tasty and they are a perfect healthy snack for when you are on the go!

1. DETOX BARS Activated charcoal to cleanse the body of toxins and lucuma for inflammation-reducing antioxidants.
2. BEAUTY BARS Coconut for medium-chain fatty acids to nourish cell membranes and lower inflammation, pineapple for Vit C to support collagen production and fight free radicals and MSM to build keratin for strong hair and nails.

3 CLARITY BARS Green coffee to improve memory and cognitive function and lemon for Vit C to support nerve cells