How do you produce clean air in your home with just one purchase? 

Indoor plants you guys!!

For starters, I am always looking for new ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into my home, so when I did research on how beneficial indoor plants were, I smiled from ear to ear. On top of that, when I say we design every home with plants in mind, it is not an understatement. We literally use plants in as many empty corners we can... and I am here to tell you, it is a major wellness plus!

Not only do trees and indoor plants help to beautify any room, they tremendously improve the in door air quality.  Just imagine all of the harmful toxic chemicals your everyday cleaning supplies release into the air!  Well, thankfully there are 3 common houseplants (you can easily pick up at your local home improvement store) that can be grown indoors to cultivate fresh air throughout your home! A design decision that can make your air as neutral as possible, along with removing unwanted formaldehyde. Crazy, right!

This is what I call a harmonious relationship between beauty and wellness.

Tip: Areca Palms, Mother-In-Law Tongues and the Money Plants are the most common indoor plants to help improve air quality. They are also said to help cure headaches, as well as foster human productivity. For someone that works from home a lot, this is so good to hear! To read more about this, check out the book How To Grow Fresh Air (its amazing!) and check out Kamal Meattle’s Ted Talk, How To Grow Fresh Air.