Where has this cute little thing been my whole life?! Jade rollers are my new beauty obsession! I stumbled upon them while reading this VOGUE article back in August and have been a believer in them ever since! Imagine being able to give yourself a facial massage on the daily. This ancient Chinese skin care tool has so many benefits. Most importantly, these jade rollers help with blood circulation and skin tone. The massaging also helps with lymphatic drainage. I like to massage under my eyes as a way to calm and reduce the puffiness from bags and circles.

Tip: For extra relief, you can store your jade roller in the fridge so it is extra cool! A best friend of mind pointed this out and it is definitely worth it. The cold temperature of the jade and the motion of the massage helps in eliminating toxins and improving the elasticity in your skin.

This practice has become a part of my day and night time routine. In the morning, I massage my face and under my eyes before getting out of bed, and when preparing for bed, I like to gently massage my night time cream in. These beauty rollers can be purchased from anywhere of $7, upwards to $60. I ordered mine here. Definitely worth the purchase!