While it’s considered a trend, I also feel that the black/noir palette is here to stay. It is timeless and, much like fashion, a black kitchen can be as edgy, moody or as classic as you want.  Whether it be your powder room or your kitchen, there is nothing more breathtaking than bold accents of black. Over the past couple years, there has been an undeniable increase of incorporating the color black into homes and I skip in utter excitement every time I see it! The more beautiful bold black spaces that make it across social media, the most likely future clients of mine get inspired to incorporate it into their own homes.

I feel whenever we discuss the direction of a home with a client, two important statements always seem to stand out. They want to make it personal to their family; but more importantly, they want to make it unique. If you have great natural lighting in your home, and want to make a statement in your kitchen, black is absolutely the way to go.

This year my team and I had the pretty insane task of designing 11 homes from the ground up, on one block, in less than 3 months. Yea you heard that right.... Welcome to the world of television renovations! We had a modest budget, an incredible team and it was my responsibility (while staying extremely calm HA!) to make sure that every home (both inside and out), had their own personalities. From the architectural details, to the color palettes in the bedrooms, to the lighting fixtures and right down to my very favorite space. the kitchens. When you are tasked to design homes this quickly, you have to latch on to an idea... a feeling... rather quickly. This home had soul and and as we completed the install, we blasted Django Reinhardt and danced throughout the home! It was designed with moody cocktails, jazz music and a New York hotel lobby bar in mind.

This kitchen easily became one of my favorites from the 11 homes. It is our Noir Kitchen – bold, uniquely elegant and always evolving. This was our "Power Couple" on the block. Bold, uniquely elegant and always evolving.  

Design by The Design Hunters | Sponsored by Kohler | Captured by Jake Laughlin