When it comes to my beauty routine approach, "Less Is More", definitely changed my life. 

I am a sucker for new products. I see a pretty picture on Instagam and I MUST recreate it. It's a strange cycle that I am ultimately strive to manifest. I love sharing what products work for me, in hopes that someone might benefit from them. And at the same time, I love trying new products that my favorite bloggers or celebrities are using. I know you all have been there. 

The "Less Is More" mentality ultimately triggered a deeper chord for me, specifically in relation to the bi-costal lifestyle my husband and I live. As much as I would want to bring my entire medicine cabinet with me, I really had to cut down on what I really need. The thought of traveling with less was also really appealing. 

This minimalist approach has always been in the back of mind in other areas of my life as well. Specifically, I started to really practice this with my day and nighttime routines. 

It's taken a year or 2 to realize a lot of the below, and I am still learning every day. Hope my notes can help you all!

STOP USING SO MANY CLEANSING PRODUCTS ON YOUR FACE. I am a firm believer you could survive with coconut oil and a good (I mean real good!) moisturizer. This sounds crazy, but hot water and a wash cloth truly remove all of the soot and make up from your face. Don't get me wrong, I use a gentle soap on my face when I feel I need it, but only at night. I'll opt for a hot water and a cloth any day now. In the  morning, I no longer use a clearer, I only splash my face with cold water. By not using so many products on my face, i.e. a toner, make up remover (that is what the coconut oil is now for), my skin has never felt better.  

TIME IS MONEY. Truly, when you run your own company, you will realize more than ever, that time is literally money! I now spend waaaayyy less time in front of the mirror in the morning. This past summer, my beauty routine consisted of the following 3 products: SPF, tinted moisturizer and concealer. Truly, that was it.

I know that must sound crazy, but I want to be honest on how, and why, I feel that comfortable to cut my beauty routine down to 3 simple products. Obviously, if I am going for the evening, I'll throw on some eyeliner and blush, but for the most part, during the day, my "key 3" are truly all I am using..

Once a month, I splurge on eye lash extensions, the cost outweighs the amount of time it would take me to get ready in the morning. I have more times for meetings and emails, and at the end of day, when you are always on the go - having one feature such as eyelashes, that are ready to go and do not need tending in your morning routine, it helps to truly make me feel excited, alive and ready to go!! It doesn't matter how many hours of sleep I had from the night before, they always make me feel my best.  

MORE SPACE, MORE MONEY & MORE APPRECIATION. Lastly, for someone who lives in New York, space is everything! By getting rid of a lot of products I don't need, I have more usable space in my bathroom.  My cabinets are no longer overflowing with products I will never touch. I am not spending a senseless amounts of money on products I will ultimately only use 1/2 of anyways. And more importantly, I now purchase products that I am truly in love with. Products that work the best on me!!

It really has been an all around win. I challenge and urge you to start taking this "Less Is More" approach. It honestly has been transformative. And with that said,  close your laptop and go clean out your bathroom vanity and make up bag. There really is no better feeling!