Captured by Nicole Catherine

Captured by Nicole Catherine

Hey guys! Today is an exciting post for me. Over the past couple of years, I have experienced a major shift in how I go out of my way to take care of myself. The whole journey has been truly rewarding as I have learned new lifestyle practices to execute every day. I often receive questions from family, friends and most recently DM's on my Instagram addressing my beauty & wellness routine.  Specifically, how I keep it up while traveling. To be honest, I don't want to sit here and tell you it's easy, because it is not. It's always evolving. Sometimes it's consistent and other days it's not. By day, I am an Interior Designer and the Creative Director of our companies; I am always on the go, always tired, always moving and creating. By night, I tend to be the complete opposite. When I relax, I reeeeaaallllly zen out! I am the calm, "let's watch TV and not stress", "let's get more sleep", wellness aficionado. Frankly, I have learned to use this outlook to my advantage. I am two completely different people, which I am 100% positive, confuses the daylights out of my husband. With that said, I am probably a lot like you. Simply put, I am a hard working person who strives to better themselves, no matter what their daily responsibilities; and at the end of the day, that is the epitome of practicing wellness.

Sine 2015 I have lived half the year in LA, some of the year in New York, with long periods of time in Atlanta. Simply put, to say that I have found a solid personal beauty routine is difficult to declare... and that is an understatement. The bright side of my un-blanced life, is that I am able to quickly pin point what products actually work for ME. Social media is so over saturated (which is not a bad thing), with the newest products here and the newest products there. Just because one may work for your favorite fashion blogger, does not mean it will do your skin the same justice. No one knows your skin and body more than you do.

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite go-to clean, beauty products that have personally worked for me.


Captured by  Nicole Catherine

Captured by Nicole Catherine

These 5 little guys come in handy all the time! Whether it be when I'm in the car or sitting in an airplane, you name it. They are compact travel size essentials that can easily fit into your purse or carry on. 

No Tox Life Deodorant - I stumbled upon No Tox Life while at the Hollywood Farmer's Market, and these deodorants changed my life! They are aluminum free (score!) and they smell so good! I have tried multiple scents and the Fresh Fig works the best for me. Highly recommend it!

Sakara & Yogi Detox Teas - I find Detox Teas so relaxing. Teas are my obsession! Give me a hot cup of tea and a good book and I am one happy camper! When I'm traveling, I get SO dehydrated. I also tend to eat foods that I would normally not while at home. Consuming more water and having a detox tea every other day, really helps cleanse my body from toxins, as well as get my digestive system working.

The Sakara Detox tea is naturally calming and it also soothes my stomach when I'm stressed or exhausted from travel. The Yogi brand is always one of my go-to's! Their regular Detox tea is one of my favorite flavors, however, their Soothing Rose Hibiscus blend really helps with my skin complexion. Rose Petal and Hibiscus are naturally used in Ayurveda to soothe the skin and I find the floral undertones very relaxing!

You know what they say... cleansing from the inside out really keeps your skin looking extra glowy! I truly believe in this.

CocoFloss - GOOP is such a great site to browse through new beauty and wellness products. One late night while binging Netflix, I stumbled upon this floss on their site. I am so happy I made this impulse purchase, because frankly,  you never know when you will need floss! It tastes great, it is made from coconut and most importantly, it glides through your teeth so smoothly!

Herban Essentials Eucalyptus Hand Towelette - These are SO much more than your typical hand towelette! They come in a pack of 20 and are incredible! They are great to use as a hand sanitizer, but even better.. place them under hot water and inhale. Traveling can be super harsh on my body, and these work miracles for relieving natural congestion that comes from a lifestyle of "always on the go!" Furthermore, you can also rub them on sore muscles and your chest for relaxation and to relieve pain. With that said, I highly recommend these towelettes. They come in other aromas like lavender and orange, but I love the robust scent of the eucalyptus collection. Note: the scent it SUPER strong, still great, but strong!


Captured by  Nicole Catherine

Captured by Nicole Catherine

Heritage Store Floral Waters - Who needs coffee? I can honestly say, spritzing floral water on my face, has almost the same effect as me guzzling a cup of coffee. Weird, I know, but for me it works. We (as in my husband and I) are obsessed with these! I always carry a bottle with us whenever we are on the go. Gardenia is my ALL time favorite, however the Rose Water featured above, has been my go to of all the brands I have tried. Their pricing is great as well, which makes this a must have in my book.


Captured by  Nicole Catherine

Captured by Nicole Catherine

When I am exhausted and my skin is at it's dullest, I use this triple threat combo as much as humanly possible!

Karuna Hydrating Face Mask - If you know me well, you know I have an obsession with sheet masks. Karuna masks are truly the best for hydration that I have come across. I use them before bed and they leave me with the most glowing skin in the morning. As a side note (and true story) -  I had someone stop me at an Atlanta Farmer's Market because she said my skin was radiant from (sans makeup) a block and a half away! I swore to her it was because of the mask I used the night before and she bought a pack right then and there on her phone! If you try them, please let me know your thoughts! At one point in time, I honestly considered buying stock in them LOL. 

Miss Spa Deep Wrinkle Hydrogel Eye Treatment - These are made from Caviar extract! Yes a caviar treatment for under your eyes. I tried these out the day after New Years. Yup! You can imagine how I looked after a night of celebrating the beginning of 2017. They were refreshing, super hydrating and I looked like a new woman! The caviar extract firms up your skin and provides you with the highest possible level of hydration. Another plus, the amino acids in it, promotes tissue repair, along with improving the texture and tone of your skin. 

Jade Rollers - This ancient Chinese tool is like a 5 star massage for your face! I keep it on my nightstand and give myself daily and nightly massages while at my desk and while laying in bed. The cool jade helps reduce facial puffiness and eye bags, as well aid in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. You can read more about their benefits and where I purchased them here

So there you have it, my "always on the go" secret weapons! Now you know why I look "semi" put together, when pulling all night design installs. 

Do you have any clean beauty products that you consider a must have? Would love to hear! XXVVH