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With the new year, comes new goals and new aspirations. For me, health has always been on the top of my list, however because of my career in design and production, it frequently takes the back burner. I am always on the hunt for new recipes and new ingredients to incorporate into my life and recently I was SO pleasantly surprised when I started to do more research about olives, Castelvetrano (pronounced kah-stell-veh-TRAH-no) Olives to be exact. Besides asking for a "Dirty Martini on the rocks please, with extra, extra olives!", I love to chow down on them at home when I am feeling like a snack. Their not only refreshing, but the extra salty flavor with a bit of sweet at the end helps me with the mid day slumps.

Other than being a perfect pairing to vodka, these Castelvetrano olives are a health powerhouse packed into one small bite. They are healthy for your heart, rich in fiber, they contain monounsaturated fats, are very rich in antioxidant vitamin E, have anti-inflammatory proprieties and on top of that, are rich in copper and iron! What a superstar! I know what I will be snacking on more in the new year.

While doing more research on these olives I stumbled upon 4 new recipes I can't wait to try! Because these olives are harvested very young and due to their lightly salted curing process, they form their beautiful bright green color and develop an extremely buttery flavor (much like olive oil!) Two of the recipes below have these olives being whipped into a buttery spread (YUM!) I can only imagine.  Full recipes below from left to right incorporating this beautiful fruit! Hope you enjoy!

1. Poached Egg Plate With Castelvetrano Olive Butter

2. Roasted Chickpea Bowl With Feta, Arugula & Castelvetrano Olive Tapendade

3. Castelvetrano Olive Lemon And Parmesan Capellini

4. Classic Hummus With Castelvetrano Olive Tapenade