There is such an art to plating food, and it has become my passion. No meal that I prepare will ever be the same from here on out! I frequently find myself telling my husband, that after we have children (and they are well in middle school), I will 100% be applying to culinary school; and he knows I am serious.  Lol! I love everything about food - the prepping process and organizing all of the ingredients, the complexity of how to ration portions, the variety of ways to mix flavors, being the magician behind the dish, and my favorite... the presentation of the plate. This is why when I stumbled upon the site The Art Of Plating, I pretty much had - as Bradley Cooper once said in the movie Burnt... a "culinary orgasm". Everything pictured was just beyond beautiful. 

Lately, whenever I need to unwind from design projects and client emails, you can find me thumbing through pages of perfectly displayed masterpieces, almost too pretty to eat! 

Such remarkable inspirations! and even better, you can follow along on their Instagram @theartofplating for updates to their culinary quests. They also do great videos, like this one on how to serve your guests ice cream in an extremely chic way! Enjoy!