Captured by Sarah Lovrien

Captured by Sarah Lovrien


Talk about a turn out. From DC to LA, from Austin to Cape Town, to Ghana and Zimbabwe. From Antarctica and India, to Canberra and Belgium; from Spain to Finland, and Mexico to Chile. The roar was LOUD this past Saturday. The LOVE was powerful and I still feel it as I sit here quietly typing away on such a beautiful rainy Sunday afternoon. I only hope to believe that this weekend will “Make America Think Again”. Yes, think. 

January 21st wasn’t a day just about women. It was about protecting the safety, the health, the rights and the families of everyone… men, women, immigrants, gays, trans, rich, poor, black, white, brown, Muslims and all members of diverse religious backgrounds. History was made and it was awe-inspiring to step outside of your body, hit pause, and witness. Like many others, I woke up the next morning with the sentiment, “What's Next?”. Almost like the season premier or season finale of your favorite show.... the credits roll and you are left wanting more. I woke up, it was calm outside. The rain was powerful the night before and my heart and brain were racing around in circles, jump roping with one another and I was confused. What just happened? Was that all real? I wonder how everyone else is feeling? I googled and searched a million things at once, "Women's March Final Count", "Women's March Inspiring Speeches", "Women's March Global", "Women's March DC", "Women's March LA", "Aziz Ansari SNL Monologue" (because lets be real, it was AH-MAZING and I needed to watch it again) ... and every article, one after the other kept my cup running full. I wanted more and I couldn't shake it. I laid in bed and didn't know what my next move would be. Within an hour I had 10 Instagram drafts with words and imagery I wanted to share. Feelings I had, but conflicted on how to share them. I just wanted to talk, and watch and listen and learn. The feeling was pretty indescribable. 

Truth be told, I wasn't physically able to march with my community in DTLA, but that didn't mean my spirit wasn't soaring high with all 750,000 of you passionate humans. Many of my best friend went and I followed along with every text, instagram and snap. Thank you. Thank you to all 5 MILLION of you for showing up. Thank you to all of you who captured and documented such a monumental day #womensmarch. Thank you to all of you around the world, who watched and shared with tears in your eyes at what you were witnessing on your phones and television.

OK, so now the #1 question... What's Next?

For me personally it's simple. I made intentions at the beginning of the year to strive to live with "wellness" at the center of my everyday practices. My health has improved tremendously, I'm working on my physical well beign, sleeping more when I can, drinking more water... but what about Social Wellness. What exactly does social wellness mean? I googled some more.

Social Wellness - "Encourages contributing to one’s human and physical environment, to the common welfare of one’s community. Social Wellness emphasizes the interdependence with others and nature. Social Wellness is having positive interactions with and enjoying being with others.... practicing empathy and effective listening."

Well dang, my wheels were spinning more. The march was powerful, we needed it. But how can you in your everyday life practice being an active participant in the marathon ahead. With much though and research, here is where I have landed.

SHARE YOUR PASSION Use your voice across your social media platforms. Initiate healthy communication within your family, circles of friends and followers. Interrupt your personal and work feeds to share what you are passionate about. Be heard. I promise someone is listening. Share a quote. Share a speech. Practice kindness. Keep it positive. I posted this the day of the march and I felt powerful. I felt whole.

Illustration by  For All Womankind

Illustration by For All Womankind

FOLLOW & EDUCATE Follow leaders, activists, organizations and individuals who inspire you. There are so many strong, articulate, passionate women and men out there. Listen to podcasts, read blogs, fact check, do your research.

Some of my favorite speeches at the Women's March were from Kerry Washington, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, America Ferrera, Ashley Judd and of course the one and only Gloria Steinem.

Illustration by  Louisa Cannell

Illustration by Louisa Cannell

TAKE ACTION & BE KIND The Women's March was a movement. Screw that, it was a damn REVOLUTION. Today theladies behind the march started an initiative, “10 Actions For The First 100 Days”. Now this is something I needed to see. It is the perfect way for me to feel and get involved... and you can too! Every 10 days they will be sharing an important issue, paired with ways to support and help. It started today and is super easy to sign up. You can also consider volunteering locally in your community and joining organizations you believe in. It's the little steps that ordinary people make that cause the biggest waves.

Are there personal steps you are taking to stay involved? How were you effected by the march? Are there any activists or leading ladies you follow to stay informed? Would love to hear from you guys. Let's discuss.

Here is to making waves... xx, Veronica

You Matter. I Matter. We Matter. And, Together We Can.